Backed by decades
of experience

InnMod™ is a market leader in modular construction systems within Australia, a result of its founders and directors operating within construction and manufacturing for
over 60 years.

Made in Australia
Designed and manufactured in Australia to assure the highest quality techniques in production.
Less waste than conventional builds and a minimal amount of energy to manufacture.

Cost Effective
In comparison to masonry, InnMod wall systems reduce labour and machinery costs. 

State of the art
manufacturing plant

Housed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Truganina Victoria, InnMod manufactures modular building systems and products locally, ensuring the highest quality and timely delivery of its products and services.

Build smarter and greener

Working closely with some of the country’s largest engineers, architects, builders, and developers, InnMod provides the construction industry with quicker, smarter and greener solutions to meet the growing desires of Australian commercial and residential property owners, as well as the ever-changing requirements of the country’s building codes and standards.

National supply & distribution

InnMod manufactures and delivers modular construction products and systems nationally, and can assist with sales in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

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Work health & safety

InnMod™ adopts best occupational health and safety practices throughout the organisation. Committed to the effective implementation and regular review of a robust OHS Management System in accordance with AS / NZS 4801:2001 Standard, InnMod™ is Cm3 approved and qualified.

Innovation & development

Regular research, new product development and an unwavering commitment to innovation, allows InnMod’s product range to be ever-evolving and includes:

  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for building walls, roof and floors.

  • Boundary walls with outstanding acoustic and protection properties including SonicPlus™ panels.

  • Highland™ modular retaining wall systems and other commercial wall solutions.

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