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Grange™ Fencing System

InnMod’s Grange™ Wall System is the ideal alternative to a standard brick, timber or metal fence. Its proven acoustic performance and stylish design assures privacy and peace and quiet from traffic and street noise. Grange™ is available in panels up to 2400mm wide and up to 2100mm high. As well as its acoustic properties, the Grange™ Wall System can be easily painted or finished to suit customised design requirements.

Precision Engineered Post

Quality design using high tensile, galvanized and zinc sealed materials for longevity and strength.

EPS Composite Panel

Wall composite fence panels are lightweight, yet incredibly strong and rigid. They provide proven noise reduction qualities.

Painting Methods

High quality acrylic paint or textured coat finish.

Grange™ Wall Heights 

Our Grange™ Fencing System comes in 3 standard wall heights as well as custom height options, available upon request.


Factor Value
Fencing System Grange™
Panel Thickness 50mm
Wall Height Up to 2400m
Post Size 120mm x 110mm
Panel Sizes 2100mm
Retaining Depth 450mm


Grange™ Fencing Systems can be easily adjusted to incorporate Highland™ Retaining Panels, allowing up to 450mm of soil (at 2.5kpa) to be retained.


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