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Better performing installations
that save time and money

InnMod™ manufactures innovative building systems that deliver a huge range of performance benefits including timely, sustainable and affordable construction. Our lightweight, impact resistant and noise reduction walls and panels, are the ideal solution for architects, developers, builders and landscapers requiring security, visual screening and sound protection for their projects and homes. 

Manufactured in Australia, with stringent quality control systems in place to ensure the highest quality products and customer service, peace of mind is assured with a ten year structural warranty.

Acoustic Properties

Finished projects are quieter due
to the excellent sound absorption properties of insulated SonicPlus™ panels.

Cost Effective

In comparison to masonry block walls, InnMod wall systems reduce labour and machinery costs as well as installation times. 

Strong & Durable

Our unique, modular designs are impact resistant and eliminate wall cracking or moving from tree roots beneath footings.

Environmentally Friendly

Our panels produce less waste than conventional builds and require a minimal amount of energy to manufacture.

Faster Build Times

InnMod boundary walls can reduce construction time by up to 75% compared to conventional brick methods.

Quick & Easy Installation

Easily installed as a DIY application or professionally installed by one of our trade partners across Australia.

Architectural Design 

Flexibility to paint (plain or textured), render, install lighting, slats or wall art to add architecturally designed elements and customisation.

 Manufactured in Australia 

Designed and manufactured in Australia to assure the highest quality techniques in production, as well as quick delivery and turnaround times. 

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